from the maker

Firstly, Id like to welcome you to my humble little store and thank you for taking time to get to know a little more about the driving force behind my creations. 

I am someone who believes in 'the maker' and love nothing more than producing and also purchasing items that have a 'soul' so to speak. Obtaining items that have been made with someones precious time, skill, love and care rather than mass produced, store bought pieces that have no individuality, just feels more meaningful. 

I make what I can with the limited time I have available to me,  and with the care that each piece deserves.

Being able to create useful tools from humble tree branches and recycled timbers found, foraged and grown locally, is such a satisfying feeling.  Theres such an excitement I feel from being able to transform an ordinary object and give it a whole new life, purpose and function. Offering them to you all and seeing how enthusiastically they have been embraced is completely mind blowing and encouraging.

The rustic characteristics and individuality of each carved hook gives the user a complete, handcrafted experience. Hopefully you will sense the love and care that has gone into each and every hook I carve in my tin shed here in Melbourne Australia and now lovingly ship worldwide.

I am a small batch producer and will always try to make my items available, however if sold out there may be short delays to restock my store.  I hope you can appreciate that life can be quite hectic and time not always available to me, but please be patient as I will do my best.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Ainslee  x